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Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

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Restoring Hardwood Floors to their Original Condition Since 2005

Serving Victoria with durable hardwood floor sanding and refinishing options for nearly twenty years

economy flooring


  • Full sand and refinish
  • 3 coats of oil base polyurethane sealer and finish
  • 3 coats of entry level waterbase polyurethane sealer and finish


  • Full sand and refinish
  • 3 coats of highest grade water base polyurethane sealer and finish

For a complete job, we also offer

Custom stain coloring
Finishing carpentry
Baseboard cut & install
Stair refinishing
Deep clean
Dustless refinishing
Flooring repair and sub-floor levelling
Flooring installation
Refresher coat

Which finish is right for your hardwood floors?

oil base

Oil Base

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Durable and consistent resuts
  • Classic/warm appearance
  • Lower cost per gallon
  • Longer cure time
water base

Water Base

  • Lighter options
  • More sheen options
  • Low odour/less VOC’s
  • Faster cure time
  • Higher cost per gallon
wax base


  • Most enviro-friendly
  • Numerous steps and messy application
  • Least durable
  • Needs maintenance

When your hardwood floors look unhappy...

...It’s time to refinish, not replace!

repairs before
refinishing after photo

Hardwood floor refinishing costs less than replacement.
A complete sanding and refinishing will renew your hardwood floor’s appearance. They will look like new, be easy to clean, and require virtually no maintenance.

Your floors will have no sanding flaws.
Oak floor with water base
oak floor with oil base
Oak floor with oil base
fir floor with oil base
Fir floor with oil base
maple floor with water base
Maple floor with water base
red oak with oil base
Oak floor oil base
Fir fllor with oil base
Fir floor with oil base
Fir floor with water base