We make hardwood floors look their best.

Hardwood floor refinishing is the answer to renewing your hardwood floor’s appearance. Sanding hardwood floors will remove the old finish, worn down areas, scratches, stains, and dents. You will be impressed how much better your floors look, discover how easy they are to clean, and glad to know your hardwood floors are now protected with flooring products that prevent regular use, dirt, food, and moisture from wearing down your hardwood floors.

We know how important it is to keep dust out of customer’s homes and business.

During your renovation and hardwood floor refinishing, we use the automated, self-cleaning, PulseBac vacuum and Oneida’s dust separator to achieve dustless sanding. We sand hardwood floors all day and capture nearly every speck of dust without maintenance issues, dust, and delays common with less effective solutions. Don’t pay an up-charge to keep your home or business clean! Our dustless sanding is included in the price of hardwood refinishing and keeps everyone safe from harmful dust. Don’t risk clouds of dust or delays! Trust us to get the job done on time, produce consistent results, and leave NO DUST & NO MESS to clean up.

This innovative, powerful, and portable dust-capture technology meets and exceeds government and WCB safety standards for dust-control in the workplace.
Our dustless sanding service is not limited to residential homes. We have a dustless sanding solution for multi-level buildings and pre-finished wood floors too.

We also sand pre-finished flooring.

Sanding pre-finished hardwood flooring requires extra time and sandpaper to remove the bevels and protective aluminum oxide finish. Pre-finished flooring manufacturers use aluminum oxide finish and UV-curing to create a protective surface very resistant to scratching and scraping. The aluminum oxide dust created while sanding pre-finished hardwood floors is harmful to breathe and must be captured with dustless sanding. The extra time, energy, and abrasives required to sand pre-finished hardwood flooring is worth it. Your hardwood floors will look natural, be easier to clean, and durable for years of maintenance free use.