Dustless hardwood floor sanding in Victoria, BC.

Dustless hardwood floor sanding in Victoria, BC.
Dustless hardwood floor sanding with premium sealer and finish to protect and highlight the beauty of your hardwood floor.

We sand hardwood floors and capture all the dust! Residents of Victoria, BC get dustless sanding for no extra charge. The price you pay for our hardwood floor refinishing service is considerably less than retail stores. Our experience produces consistent results without delay and gets you the best prices without sacrificing quality. If you have hardwood floors and searching for options to renew their appearance, contact us before considering replacement. We turn sun-damaged, oxidized, scratched, dented, and faded hardwood floors into an easy to clean, long-lasting, like new again appearance.

We also take care of carpet tear-out, disposal, and flooring repair. We also remove baseboard, staples and smooth-edge, while replacing stained boards and patching over holes and heater vents no longer in use. If you need more flooring, we have the suitable, matching, red-oak or maple replacement. We also provide, paint, and install baseboard/trim making your investment complete.

We refinish hardwood stairs already in your home or build stairs from solid hardwood flooring and nosing. Hardwood stairs in Victoria, BC are sanded to a finely polished surface and finished with durable products.

We also sand pre-finished and engineered hardwood floors. This removes all the scratches, micro-bevels, deep-lines, and factory applied aluminum oxide finish for a more natural appearance than before.

Our reliable hardwood floor refinishing gets you back on your floors on schedule. We make your floors look their best without costing a fortune.

Is hardwood floor refinishing messy, dusty, costly, and take a long time?

Pulse-Bac Industrial Vacuum

Hardwood floor refinishing
with industrial-grade
dust collection.

We sand hardwood floors, capture the dust, and take it away. That’s what we do! The cost of refinishing hardwood floors in Victoria, BC includes hardwood floor repair, sanding hardwood floors to bare wood, and three coats of sealer and finish. The prices average 4 dollars a square foot and up for larger jobs and a flat rate for single rooms. A general schedule of one coat per day, and three coats in total, allows furniture back into the room a few days after the final coat.

What is dustless sanding?

Oneida Air Systems

Keeping your home clean.

Dustless sanding is hardwood floor refinishing with NO DUST OR MESS to clean up afterwards. Dustless sanding keeps your home clean and everyone safe from dust and toxic fumes. All our flooring machines, accessories, and vacuums are engineered for maximum dust collection and capture nearly every speck of dust. We are taking the initiative to exceed standards for dust control in the workplace. Dustless sanding is included at no extra charge for residents of Victoria, BC and nearby cities.

We have experience and don’t overlook the details

Belt Sander

Done on-time.
Nothing left undone.
No mess left behind.

We have 12 years of experience sanding and finishing hardwood floors. The owner of Excel Hardwood Floors works on every job from start to finish. We do not have inexperienced operators, or sub-contractors working on your floors. We guarantee consistent results every time and offer the best price and service without sacrificing quality. We make hardwood floors look their best!

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