Hardwood floor repair included with refinishing for best results.

Hardwood floor repair included with refinishing for best results.

Victoria BC hardwood floor repair.

Repair hardwood floors to remove and replace broken or missing floorboards. Deep scratches in hardwood floors are fixed by sanding the scratches out and finishing to match the existing flooring or cutting out and replacing the floorboards. It is important to have replacement flooring if you have pre-finished flooring. Squeaky or uneven sub-floors can be fortified and leveled to prepare for installation. During renovation, removing walls to open up a room sometimes leaves empty voids of missing flooring. We can provide suitable flooring or use your flooring to do the repair and fill those areas in.

Our hardwood floor repair service makes your floors better prior to refinishing by removing and replacing damaged boards or sections of flooring.


Installation of engineered hardwood flooring over concrete is best when the concrete sub-floor is flat.

Sub-floor levelling on Vancouver Island and Victoria BC. Concrete floor leveling and repair. For concrete repair, resurfacing, and leveling choose Excel Hardwood Floors.

When grinding concrete, the concrete dust can escape and make quite a dusty mess. Any concrete grinding in your home should be done with dustless grinding. Concrete dust is not healthy to breathe and must be captured by dustless grinding. We use dustless concrete grinding equipment and vacuums to capture all the dust and quickly flatten any bumps prior to flooring installation. Low areas of sub-floor can be evened out with self-levelling product that is mixed, poured on-site, and dries quickly.

For homes with plywood sub-floors we offer a similar service that will improve high and low areas of sub-floor for noticeable improvements.


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