Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors from start to finish?

The biggest factor in determining how long a hardwood floor refinishing job will take is the square footage and requirements of the job. Some floors need minor repair and will add a few hours. Larger repairs may take a day or two. Typically, a main floor of an average residential home will take 3 days to prepare. At end of day 3 we apply the first coat of sealer. On day 4 is the second coat, day 5 is the final coat. If your hardwood floors are to be "stained" a different color, more time is needed to apply the stain and have it dry completely before protective top coats are applied. If using water base sealers and finish, caution must be used to not put multiple coats of finish in too short a time period, resulting in the edges of the floor boards curling up and ruining the job. After finishing is complete, additional curing time, usually 2-3 days is needed so the floors are fully hardened before furniture is moved in. We know a refinishing job takes time to do a good job, and how important it is to keep a schedule and get you back in your home.

Will I need to move my furniture, empty closets, and take down pictures?

Yes. In every room that is being refinished, all the furniture must be moved out, pictures stored away, and clothing, blankets, linens, etc, removed from closets. Basements, garages, and rooms that are not being refinished is where the furniture is stored. Moving vans and mobile storage units are also used to store furniture and personal belongings. Furniture is also kept under tarps out on decks, patios, and backyard when space is at a minimum.

What if my hardwood floors are currently covered with carpet or other type of floor covering?

Upon inspection, we determine if hardwood floors underneath an existing floor covering is suitable to refinish. As an example, pulling up carpet in a corner of a room is sufficient to determine the type of hardwood you have. Additional checks will confirm how much "wear layer" is remaining in the hardwood floors. It is important to explain at every estimate or inspection, that we can not fully assess if any hardwood floor repair is needed, as the floors at this point are covered over and not visible. It is also very important to know if your hardwood floors are worth refinishing, and you have all the necessary information before taking the next step. If everything checks out, we remove and dispose of carpets, staples, perimeter tack-strip, and prep/repair the floors prior to refinishing.

Do we have painting done before or after hardwood refinishing?

Painting can be done after refinishing, but extra caution must be taken to protect the newly refinished hardwood floors. The floors must be covered to protect from paint splatter, and dragging or standing on ladders over unprotected hardwood floors is sure to damage the floors. We advise homeowners to paint before refinishing and trust us to keep it clean, and be cautious so no dust or damage will ruin the paint job.

Do you take off the baseboard and trims before refinishing?

In older homes where the floors have been refinished multiple times, the build up of wood underneath the trim or baseboard creates a sloppy appearance. Removing the baseboard or trim allows us to flatten the flooring during sanding, and once refinishing is complete, reapply the old baseboard or trim for a neat appearance. You also have the choice to replace the old finishings with new baseboard or trim.

We are thinking of installing new baseboard after refinishing. Do you do that?

Of course we do! The owner of Excel Hardwood Floors worked at a high volume finishing carpentry company in Victoria, BC for two and a half years. He has installed thousands of lineal feet of baseboard, crown moulding, casing, window liner, underlay, and finishings. We will also paint your baseboard before installation, caulk, and touch up the nail holes for a completed job. Be confident knowing your finishings will have the most accurate cuts and aesthetically pleasing results.

We removed the carpet ourselves and discovered pet stains in the hardwood floors. We want to refinish our hardwoods, how do we proceed?

An unpleasant fact we have to share with you is that pet stains soak deep into hardwood flooring. Be aware that cutting out and replacing the affected boards may be the only option to remove the stains. Sanding may work on light stains but deep pet stains may not sand out, and if not replaced, the new finish will highlight the stain and raise questions why it was not repaired. Hardwood floors hidden under carpet for many years usually need refinishing, so pet stains can be cut out, replaced with matching flooring, and then refinished. On rare occasions, once carpet is removed, the hardwood flooring is in such great shape that refinishing is not needed. Extra finesse is required to cut out the affected pet stained area, replace with suitable flooring, match the color of the aged floors, and done without refinishing the entire room.

We have some hardwood flooring to install. Do you only refinish hardwood floors?

We also install all types of wooden floor coverings like solid prefinished, site finished, engineered and laminate. We have installed thousands of square feet of flooring and have solutions for every installation application.
"We now have a floor to last generations."
-Phil Testemale

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