Excel Hardwood Floors provides dustless floor refinishing and new hardwood floor installation in Victoria, BC. We quickly refinish hardwood floors and do the best job. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Residents of Victoria, BC get dustless refinishing for no extra charge. We keep your home clean with NO DUST & NO MESS floor refinishing and installation. We are licensed, fully insured, WCB clearance, and BBB accredited. We are committed to excellent service and quality workmanship. Call us today.

The cost of refinishing hardwood floors in Victoria, BC includes hardwood floor repair, sanding hardwood floors to bare wood, and 3 coats of sealer and finish. We clearly explain the refinishing process, types of sealers and finish we use, and determine the cost and time needed to finish the job. We provide hardwood floor refinishing and new flooring for prices that will never exceed the original estimate.

If you’ve shopped around for flooring in Victoria, BC you will have noticed a variety of pricing and materials available. Prices range anywhere from .49 cents a square foot for laminate flooring to 30.00 dollars a square foot for laser-milled, engineered flooring. We don’t sell laminate or over-priced flooring. We sell sand and finished flooring that is renewable, eco-friendly and made entirely of real wood!

Sand and finished hardwood flooring in Victoria, BC is 100% organic and renewable. The tongue and groove design with square-edge milling on all 4 sides can be completely sand and finished every 15-20 years for 80-100 years of use. That’s eco-friendly and renewable flooring! We offer square-edged, unfinished red oak hardwood flooring for under $5.00 a square foot.

Choose red oak hardwood for its variations in grain, deep golden/amber tones, durability, and a rich appearance.

Choose maple hardwood for a clear and uniform appearance with lighter/golden tones.

Unfinished flooring has the “edge” over pre-finished flooring. The square-edged milling of unfinished flooring forms a tight, smooth, and seamless appearance after installation, sanding, and finishing.

Pre-finished flooring has bevels on all 4 edges creating v-groove channels between every board. Dirt, food, and grime settles into the v-grooves and takes extra time and effort to clean. Washing/cleaning v-groove flooring causes moisture and dirt to get trapped between the floorboards. Eventually dirt and grime will outline every board and diminish the floors appearance. In these situations, sanding pre-finished hardwood floors will remove all the v-grooves and create a smooth and seamless surface; the main characteristic of sand and finished flooring. Although pre-finished flooring is a quick and easy alternative to sand and finished flooring, the surface is not entirely smooth, has a manufactured appearance, and is harder to keep clean.

To maintain hardwood flooring, use felt pads under furniture, chair, and table legs. Vacuuming, dust mopping, and cleaning with a damp NON-ABRASIVE micro-fiber pad/cloth keeps hardwood floors in Victoria, BC maintenance-free and clean for years.

DO NOT use steam mops on hardwood floors.
DO NOT apply excessive water when cleaning.
DO NOT USE chemical cleaning solutions or furniture/wood polishes.
DO NOT USE waxes and cheap/no-name hardwood floor cleaners.

DO regular cleaning with neutral detergent/dish soap and a damp NON-ABRASIVE micro-fiber pad/cloth.
DO use BONA hardwood floor cleaning products and follow directions.


Bona-AmberSeal-Poly-Tone-Sanding-Sealer Bona-Traffic-Semi-Gloss-Wood-Floor-Finish Bona-DriFast-Quick-Dry-Stain Bona-DriFast-Quick-Dry-Sanding-Sealer Bona-Woodline-Polyurethane-Wood-Floor-Finish